Cinema On The Blockchain.

Our mission is to revolutionize cinema. How? Utilize NFT's to give fans governance, rewards, value and ownership over a movie franchise. The Flinch NFT's are a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs - digital collectables from the motion picture Flinch, that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

As the franchise unfolds, your NFT doubles as your proof of membership - granting you access to and rewards from the Cinema, giving you say in the development of subsequent films and games, invites to premieres and parties, regular airdrops of future NFT's and the rewards generated by ancillary merchandise, games and spinoffs.

The Cinema

Unlike other NFT projects, making the films is not a future goal, part one is complete. What happens next is up to you. To access the cinema for free and watch the film, Flinch NFT holders will need to be signed in to their Metamask wallet. Non Flinch holders can watch Flinch in our cinema for 2 Matic tokens. Flinch holders will be rewarded value from the cinema via monthly airdrops, in our token of choice.

The Strategy